Acoustic duo Echo&Cane was formed by leadsingers and -guitarists of two roots-music oriented groups of Finland; North Karelia, Joensuu.

Echo & Cane’s been playing and touring all over Finland for several years now and has reached a tough success as an unfailing act for blues&roots music lovers. Their genuine performance played by real istruments with tough singing and powerful rhythm will be an experience for your eyes and ears.

The Duo’s making almost 100 gigs per year at the moment and a brand new cd (their 3rd as a duo) is  coming out yet in May 2016 !

Erkki ”Echo” Räsänen (Houserockers) and Cane Vuorjoki (Root Renedy) have both been playing blues for a long time, but this sort of duo-presentation is still a new viewpoint for the music they would love.

In fact, it’s not just blues, but roots music all together; ballads, country, soul, rock’n’roll and all americana. Moreover their music has strong influences from bluegrass and irish folk as well.  Echo&Cane are performing all kinds of stuff alike as well as their own songs (half and half on a typical gig; own material and rare covers) with a laid-back attitude that would make any pub or bar a true roots-music venue.



This exciting band is a newcomer in finnish blues&roots music scene; though Allstars’s lead singer L.R.Phoenix has made his own career in blues as a solo-artist and a powerful performer. Mr. Phoenix and Echo&Cane are touring together now as a trio; with a combination of electric guitars , piano and drums. The Music is their own interpretation of North Mississippi Hill Country-type of blues (lot of strictly own material as well) done in the most powerful way. Desirable to order!

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